July 10, 2013

Over the river and through the woods...

I would guess that about 75% of the trips we take to my parents' house begin with me singing, "Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go..." Except that, I have my own words for the song.

Over the creek and through the dust to
grandma and grandpa's house we go;
Daddy knows the way to drive the car...

And then Rachel usually tells me to stop singing before I can go any further. But, that's okay because they only live a mile away so by that point we're about ready to pull in their lane anyway.

Rachel loves to go to grandpa and grandma's house. She asks me almost every day if she can see grandpa or go to grandma's house or ride in grandpa's old truck. And it warms my heart to now also watch Ryan bounce in excitement when he sees his beloved grandparents.

A few weeks ago Rachel got to help grandma make cupcakes.
I feel like the sugar intake wasn't really monitored by Grandma;
I guess that's not part of her job description.

Might as well stop to eat another one before putting on the sprinkles.

The kids have a love/hate relationship with
Grandpa's dog, Milo.
He loves them; they hate him...
unless he's at a safe distance.


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  2. I LOVE that they get so much time with their grandparents. I really want the same thing for Minden, and I have been feeling pretty homesick lately.