July 29, 2013

Happy Blogiversary (again)...

I find it hard to believe that on July 27th I celebrated the 3-year anniversary of my blog.

Happy Blogiversary to me!

Some days I write, some days I don't.
Some weeks I write, some weeks I don't.

But, regardless of the number of entries, the regularity of my writing, and the herd of followers (or lack thereof), this blog continues to be a creative outlet for me and a way to collect my thoughts, keep track of my memories, and voice my concerns.

It has also become a way to vent my anger and frustrations.
But, really, I just like having it around. It makes me smile.
Most of the time.

So, let us take a stroll down memory lane and review some of the highlights (and low lights) of July 2012-July 2013.

I was in the hospital for almost a week:
This is not the vacation I had in mind

Ryan Edward was Born...
Ryan Edward

And was in the NICU for 2 weeks:
Ryan in pictures

And thus began our struggles:
Mother knows best
To my son's doctors

But, we had some good times too:
The great pumpkin
For the first time ever
An afternoon in the park
The church bells are ringing
Lunch with Rachel
The Summer 2013 visit
Driving us crazy

There were huge accomplishments this year:
Jake's graduation
The PHR test
Do the math
A phone call to grandpa

And then there was this:
The old and the new
The definition of insane

And this:
And we're back

But to sum most of it up:
Give thanks

So, here's to another year.
May it bring plenty of joy and lots of sleep.

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  1. Happy Blogiversary! and wishes for many more!