February 3, 2011

The fat Olympics

On February 1st I joined several other people from across the country who are competing with each other to see who can lose the most weight in six weeks. A friend of mine, The Professional Mother, organized the whole event (The Fat Olympics) for us because she's tired of having fat friends. Just kidding...she organized it because we all need support and what better way to get that than to throw a bit of friendly competition into the mix? It's not really all about "friends" though. I'm in it for the money.

The first few days have been rough for me. Yesterday we, along with the rest of the country, were snowed into our home. I believe it was pure boredom that prompted my wonderful husband to make homemade chocolate chip cookies. How selfish of him. And then, I planned a long workout during Rachel's afternoon nap....which was a whole 40 minutes. Come on! Why does the universe hate me?!

Either way, our first official weigh-in is tomorrow and already I'm jealous of my fellow competitors. I'm pretty sure they have all been eating nothing but celery and running for the last 48 hours so they're WAY ahead of me.

Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll all be in the same boat as me. Let's hope so.


  1. Did you have a cookie!? Why in the world would your crazy husband tempt you with chocolate chip cookies????

    I almost fell off the wagon last night and caved to the ice cream in my freezer that is calling my name. Yum. Hang in there! We're all fighting this together.

  2. He NEVER makes cookies- why he would make them NOW is beyond me. What a jerk. I'll give him credit though, he did inform me that all 4 dz are for him and Rachel only and that I'm not alllowed to have any. How sweet. :)

    I found a recipe for snow ice cream and it's REALLY calling my name today (I ate all of the other ice cream earlier in the week). :)

  3. Sounds great!! I wish I had some fat friends that would want to compete with me... but all my friends are skinny :S I am on my own, although my dear hubby is going to join me - we start again Monday.

    Visiting from SITS, Make it a great day!

  4. Ummm, there is no resisting chocolate chip cookies. It is impossible.

  5. Would you all believe that I have NOT eaten a cookie?! Last night I watched my (skinny) husband eat a bunch of them and it just about killed me. I MIGHT have to have one tonight to celebrate NOT having one earlier. ha!