February 17, 2011

Upper-level management...

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you feel like you are gasping for air and literally running from meeting to meeting? I hate those weeks....and I'm having one of them now.

For this week's Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop I have chosen to address this predicament head on. So....
Finding the balance. How do you manage?

First, let me be honest and admit that I'm pretty sure I have not found a balance...at all. Some days I over-work myself and feel guilty because I have no idea what we're having for our evening meal. Other days I arrive late to the office because I spent too much time emptying the dishwasher and folding clothes when I should have been walking out the door. I am, however, open to advice so if anyone else feels like they have found a decent balance in life, by all means don't keep it to yourself. Let's hear it!

I have never been successful at finding a good balance in my life but I have created some amazing ways to manage it all...
1. Wine- Not whine, but wine.
2. Working at Home- Believe it or not, but I find cleaning and organizing to be therapeutic. Perhaps this is where some of my problems stem from.
3. Blogging- I blog because I have too many thoughts in my head and they eventually fall out...onto "paper".
4. Ask. For. He..lll.hhhh.p- Sorry, it was kind of hard to spit that last word out. It has been a long journey but I'm finally starting to feel okay when I have to ask for assistance at home or work.
5. Lists- What? You're not a list maker? Really? How do you survive?!
6. Laughter- It truly is the best medicine. For everything.
7. Exercise- Even though I HATE getting up at 5:00 to exercise I can't believe how much more ready I feel to face my day. Plus, when else can I watch my DVRed shows from the night before?
8. Not Shopping- Okay, don't get crazy here. I know, I'm a woman and should LOVE to shop. The truth is....I really don't enjoy it that much....especially if we don't have the money for it. So, to keep myself from going insane I don't do very much shopping. I may not be in style but at least I can sleep at night.
9. Routine- I like to live by the motto, "Don't poke the bear." In other words, why create unnecessary drama? If the routine works, stick with it.
10. Prayer. Lots and lots of prayer.


  1. I like all of those. I can't do it all. It sucks.

  2. prayer, lots of prayer!!! balance shmallance! it's overrated...

  3. I love your list. Wine, blogging, asking for help all perfect ways to manage everything and survive with some sanity.

  4. Great list. I love that wine is at the top.

  5. I'm having one of those weeks as well, only this is like the first time I've been able to touch my computer for more than a minute all week. :( My blogging is suffering...

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I am happy to find another working mom! Your words are so true. I feel like any day is off balance but I console myself thinking that, if I average them over time, perhaps it's more balanced! I'm your latest follower :-)

  7. Thanks for visiting and thanks for leaving such kind words and being voices of reason. Have a great week everyone!