February 22, 2011

There is a method to her madness...

After three days full of failed attempts I FINALLY figured out how to post this cute little video and the funny thing is....after I got it uploaded I watched it again and realized that it's probably not that funny after all. Oh well.

The other night Rachel learned how to climb onto a chair but her method for getting down was a bit flawed- at least in our eyes. I'm sure she was quite satisfied with herself.


  1. She's so cute and tiny! Love it!

  2. She's really tall and thin for her age which must have come from her dad's side of the family because my side is short and chubby. :)

    Thanks for watching it...what an ordeal that was. Geez. :)

  3. I hate it when my kids try to go head first off of something (and they do it all the time). I just cringe that they are going to hurt their necks.