October 11, 2010

Day 1...

So I started my new job today. Aside from my email being down and my phone not working I think it has been pretty smooth sailing so far. I got my boxes unpacked this morning (where did all of that junk come from?) and was surprised to find that I have more food than actual work-related items. Is that considered pathetic or being really prepared?

Oh well, either way....I'm here and trying to begin work in a job that was just created in an office that just moved into a newly renovated space where over 90% of the employees have been here for less than a combined 14 months.

Is it 5:00 yet (or 4:30 or whenever it is that I decide to leave for the day)?


  1. HI lady! I am visiting from SITS Girls Whinney tribe.

    Good luck on your first day. I swear the first month of any job is the worst. I hate the new kid feeling.

  2. I always have food in my desk too.

  3. I think the food is you being prepared. I always had a drawer of snacks in my drawer. Good luck on the new job.