October 28, 2010

The heat is on....

Last night I worked late. I was sitting here typing, with gloves on, almost able to see my breath, when it occurred to me just how ridiculous the situation was. My little Pooh Bear was all snuggly and warm and ready for bed and I was sitting in a cold fluorescently lit office miles away from her.

Tonight I'm taking her trick-or-treating and this morning the heat finally came on in my office...all is right with the world again.


  1. That is so sad and pathetic . . . and I've totally been there myself. Hang in there!

  2. I didn't leave here until 9:45. It was awful. I feel bad for parents who have to do that on a regular basis.

    I just keep telling myself that it will get better once I get caught up on stuff (and once my filing cabinet finally gets here!)

  3. I took my work home last night. I was working almost as late as you, but I was fortunate to be doing it on my living room sofa.