October 13, 2010

When work seems overwhelming, I...

It's Working Mommy Wednesday and I have to admit, it's hard to even find time to take a moment to eat lunch and write this blog post. But, I need to. I need to hear nothing but the tapping of the keys and the wind blowing through my window and threatening to push my plant off the radiator (I love old buildings).

Today's "assignment" is quite fitting seeing that I'm only on day three of my new job and already I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I hate starting new jobs. I hate being the new person and I really hate having to ask so many questions (I like to think I know it all already). But, when work seems overwhelming there are a few ways that I deal with it, both good and bad.

I give up. No, I don't just throw my hands in the air completely but I actually force myself to look at the project, see where I need help and (gulp) ask...for...help.

I take a walk. I should do this every day anways (espeically since my pants are feeling rather tight again). However, on those really stressful days, the ones where I should be glued to my computer all day, I rip myself from my desk and go outside to get some fresh air so my brain can breathe again.

Caffeine, Chocolate, etc....you know the drill.

I cheer myself on..."Come on Angie, just get through one more email or one more mundane taks and then you can go home and enjoy an evening with your family."

I cry. And now that I have an actual office I can shut my door and sniffle in peace.

That all being said, aside from not having email access or a published phone number for a few days, I am getting along very well and have, so far, enjoyed every minute of my new job.


  1. New jobs are tough. Things change so often around our organization I still feel like a "new kid" a year and several months in! But walks are good and so is crying by yourself for just a little bit. Hope it gets better soon :)

  2. Lately I've been so exhausted that I just want to collapse at my desk at work. Instead I've been getting up and walking through the parking lot. It really, really helps.

  3. Yes, being new is tough, but never hesitate to ask those questions! I would much rather take extra time to train someone thoroughly than have them off and running only to find a month later that they are muissing a key component!

  4. Wow good luck! Starting a new job is scary, glad you have some privacy with the office though!!

  5. Aw don't worry it will get better. Your very own office sounds nice. My work has also been super crazy lately. I try to work through one task at a time with some little rewards thrown in. Too often though I feel like I am falling short on everything.
    At least you know you have some super Bloggy support to get you through the new job transition!

  6. new jobs are so stressful!! so glad you could find a time to blog and vent and de-stress. chocolate is a go-to for me too. but i try not to over-do it.

    sit back, close your eyes and get some rest in your office chair! ;)

  7. Thanks everyone for your nice comments! I appreciate all of the support.