October 15, 2010

So, how's it going....

My first week at my new job is coming to a close and I have to say, it has definitely been interesting. I was expecting to have some problems getting my email moved over and I wasn't surprised when I called at least 3 people by the wrong name and flat out embarrassed myself when I mistook one of our Directors for a student employee. However, I have to admit that a few things have caught me off guard...

1. My office is freakING cold. I don't just mean a little chilly. The gal next door wears a blanket and uses a hand warmer to keep her blood flowing. I opened my window to let in the warm fall air.

2. Meetings. It's not that I hate them, in fact some of them have been rather informative and almost enjoyable. But...when do people get their work done? Which leads into my next point...

3. I get here by 8:00 and leave around 5:02. Last night I almost tripped over the printer trying to get out the door because everyone else was long gone and the lights were all off. My thought was...huh? When do people ever find time to get things done?

4. I am exhausted. My feet are killing me. This afternoon I am putting my comfy shoes on because, in my opinion, running shoes DO match dress pants quite nicely.

5. Moving into a recently renovated office is heaven. My desk drawers aren't full of anyone else's crumbs and I can order new office furniture. In fact, who needs Christmas when your new 3-drawer lateral filing cabinet is on it's way?

6. I am working with my brother-in-law. Not really but there's a guy here that reminds me so much of my sister's husband that I can hardly remember his real name. I keep having to stop myself from calling him "Crazy-uncle Jeremy."

7. Steps suck. We're on the 3rd floor, which doesn't sound too bad until you see the amount of steps it takes to get up here. All of the ceilings in this old building are about 50,000 feet high so it's really like we're climbing 6 flights of stairs. And no one...takes..the elevator. ugh! I would die before I become "that person"...you know...the one that is perceived as being too lazy to walk up the stairs.

8. There are only 2 women's bathrooms in this building and neither of them are on my floor (insert complaint related to the previous point). But, I really can't complain. The men only have one restroom and it's in the basement. (evil laugh coming...hahahahaHAHAHAAH)

9. Who needs water when the coffee pot is just across the hall?

and finally...

10. You can have a Ph.D. AND a sense of humor. My new supervisor has both.


  1. Sounds like a good first week. The bathroom situation is pretty sucky. Try not to drink too much. And bring a space heater if you can. I have one under my desk and I use it every day!

  2. Well other than the bathroom and the cold it sounds like it is going great. I saw these great fingerless gloves. You should totally get a pair of those. And a heater.