October 4, 2010

Good deed for the day...

I might be new to blogging but that does not mean I have the power to avoid the inevitable lapses in regular postings. However, unlike my counterparts (other bloggers) I have a lot of very reasonable excuses (I mean explanations)…

I’m so freakin busy right now. I haven’t taken a full lunch break for quite awhile and since that is when I do most of my writing I can’t seem to ever catch up.

No amount of writer’s workshops, weekly prompts and daily happenings can ever protect me from severe cases of writer’s block.

Does anyone really care what I have to say? P.S. My husband is banned from answering this question.

Its baby Rachel’s fault. She is supposed to be my inspiration and frankly she has been severely lacking in the “funny or crazy moments” department lately. She did laugh so hard that she fell over yesterday, which was pretty funny but probably not worth writing an entire post about.

The other major portion of my writings comes from my job, hence the “working mom” part of my blog. Since I’m switching jobs next week I can’t seem to muster up enough good material because, well….who cares about this place? I do…a little bit…I guess.

My pants don’t fit right. Yes, this counts.

I’m so happy that people enjoy reading my blog and I feel really bad for letting them down when I write a boring post so on those days I choose not to write anything at all. I’m a nice person like that plus I get to count that as my good deed for the day.


  1. 1. I care!

    2. I'm trying to live vicariously through you here in this totally different life of mine, and a laughing baby falling over may be old hat to you, but it would make my day to read a whole post about it. So...please relay that to your grumpy self-editing voice when next you see her friendly scowl. Thanks!

    3. Love you. You're doing good, good work.

  2. Thanks Kenzie! I like living vicariously through your exciting life too! :)
    I'll try to write more about little R. The other day I had her laughing so hard Jake could hear us all the way upstairs. She's such a funny kid.