December 7, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside...

Yes, I know...I choose to live in Iowa and have most likely given up my right to complain about the weather. But, in my defense it's quickly getting colder around here and, quite frankly, I'm just not ready for it. So, you ask, how might one know when it's too cold? Well, you're in luck...

1. It's too cold if you're walking across campus and can see your building but still feel an overwhelming desire to lie down and die because you just don't think you're ever going to make it back to your warm office.

2. It's too cold if your eyes fill up with tears and freeze to your face because of the wind.

3. It's too cold if you're walking around with snot hanging out but can't feel it because it too is frozen to your face.

4. It's too cold if you have to say things like, "I'm sorry, I didn't recognize you with only your nose poking out through that scarf wrapped around your face."

5. It's too cold if, in your rush to FINALLY make it into a warm building, you smack one of the nation's leading defensive linemen in the face with the door and don't think twice about bulldozing him over to get to warmth.

P.S. I tried to apologize but I don't think he heard me through his fur lined hood. Now, that's how you know when it's cold....when even the football players are wearing winter coats.


  1. How about when you skip lunch because not only did you have nothing to bring, but the thought of going outside and walking 30 ft. in the cold weather is too depressing?!

  2. Good one Julie! I should have put a bagel in campus mail for you. We have enough to feed a small army. :)

  3. Yuck. This sounds miserable!!!!

  4. And it's not even cold yet (at least that's what everyone keeps proclaiming). ugh.