December 13, 2010

I may not have been completely correct...

No, this is not a post about coming clean about any deep dark secrets and I’m certainly not admitting to any major wrong doings. I am, however, willing to set aside my pride for just a bit and admit that, perhaps, my accuracy regarding a few issues might require a bit of tweaking…

The other day I whined about how cold it was outside. This past weekend old man winter sat me down and we had a conversation that went a little something like this, “Angie, you’re a wimp.” Now, we can’t wait for it to get back up to zero. I hate winter, I really do.

It will always be a struggle for me to make decent cookies. I hear my dad’s voice running through my head right now saying something like, “Sitting in church will no more make you a Christian than sitting in a hen house will make you a chicken.” That loosely translates to watching a cooking show will not make you a cook. Use a timer. That’s all I’m saying…

Annual Christmas letters are just as easily viewed online as they are in hard copy form. I always swore that I would never email my Christmas letter- that a real one comes by mail. Oh man, was I wrong or what? This Christmas, if I even find time to actually write the letter, you better believe it’s coming through email. I don’t believe that I will ever again find time to address over 150 envelopes. Yes, I am a schmuck and will forever feel guilty for falling prey to the email gods. Unfortunately, we have to pay for things like diapers and formula instead of extra stamps and copies. The times they are a changing.


  1. Nothing wrong with email at all.

  2. Finished my snail-mail christmas cards this weekend and put them in the mail this morning. 150 and I ran out for all the people I want to send them too. In this electronic age, I have so many more people that I talk to online that I feel the need to send more and more cards. Guess I'll be posting a card online too!

  3. Oh, my dear...I hear you on so many levels here! I just posted about Christmas cards, too. I'm a lover of the old fashioned route, but I definitely don't have 150 on my list!!! I HAVE, however, received some absolutely AMAZING ecards this year that I've enjoyed every bit as much as the snail mail ones. (And I can say with confidence that my son enjoyed them more) So click with confidence, my friend! :)

    BTW - Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my guest post at Work, Wife, Mom...Life! I can totally relate to the guilt that goes along with contemplating working vs staying at're not alone!

  4. So true! My favorite quote is similar to what your dad said, if going to church makes you a Christian, then going into the garage makes you a car. Same point, though. Love love. Visiting from sits! Follower!