December 8, 2010

Everything i need to know...

Once in awhile I get the chance to participate in the Working Mom's Network Weekly Writing Prompt and today is one of those days.

So, what have I learned about children that I would have been shocked to know a year ago...

1. Children really do grow fast. "They" are not grow so fast.

2. Having children does not make you happier. It adds purpose and meaning and a feeling of accomplishment but it does not necessarily make you happier.

3. No matter how much stress you're under a child's smile will almost always melt all of your worries away.

4. Oh my goodness, all of that crap that everyone says you need is a bunch of hooey. You can survive perfectly fine with just the basics. This includes passing over "essentials" like a bumbo chair, a special diaper pail, coordinated room decorations, a walker, 50,000 onesies, and a changing table. I'm not saying that no one needs these things but the next time you tell a new mom to purchase the latest "must have" item try to hold yourself back. They'll discover it soon enough...if they REALLY do need it.

5. During meal time, if your child is so sleepy that all they can do is cry, take the opportunity to shove food in their mouth whenever it's matter what noise is coming out (I've said it before and I'll say it again...don't judge).

6. The U.S. military could take a hint from children and make their tanks out of the same materials that a child's head is composed of.

7. Some children will never be good nap-takers.

8. Just because they would/would not eat it yesterday doesn't mean they will/will not eat it today.

9. Sometimes blue eyes stay blue.

10. There will be days that she just doesn't like her mommy. ouch.


  1. great post Angie! my son fell off my daughter's bunk bed and it FREAKED me out!! he was totally fine. and yes, a smile can make it all better!!!!!!!

  2. You know babies are way tougher than we all think too. I was convinced of this after we watched our obgyn handle the kid by one arm and a leg. Then all the rest of us cradled the kid like he was a thin crystal ball filled with a bomb. Amazing!

  3. My husband was amazed how HARD the doctor had TUG to get Rachel out (I had an emergency c-section). So funny...he saw her yanking on the kid and then he turned around and held her like...well..yes...a crystal ball filled with a bomb. :)

  4. I agree with you about all of the crap people buy for babies. People have been successfully feeding babies since the dawn of time without the the darn Bumbo chair.

    In a similar vein, if you haven't already seen the documentary "The Babies," you should see it.

  5. "The Babies" is on our Netflix list and I can't wait for it to FINALL get here. :)