December 19, 2010

My christmas list...

Is it sad and perhaps just a bit pathetic that I don't really have a Christmas list this year? Don't get me wrong, there are lots of things that I need and several things that I would love to have but I can't bring myself to make a list for several reasons...

1. The husband and I can't afford gifts for each other so unless Santa is real there isn't a reason for me to keep track of all of the things I wish I had. That's a depressingly long list folks. But, I keep telling myself that this too shall pass and one day he'll finally be done with school and we'll both have jobs and all will be right with the world.

2. I pay the bills and usually balance the checkbook every week so I see all of our expenses. So, even if we could afford gifts, what fun would that be?
Me: Honey, what did you buy for $54.95 at the jewelry store?
Husband: Nothing dear
Me: Really? Nothing?
Him: was going to be a surprise but...
Me: I found the receipt in your wallet.... thanks for the hrt-shapd nklc
Him: Yeah, um, Merry Christmas. just wouldn't be fun for either of us.

3. Every day I write lists- grocery lists, to-do lists, and reminder notes. Why would I want to associate list writing with my favorite time of the year? yuck.

4. I still need to write my Christmas letter and wrap presents. I don't have time to make a Christmas list....unless it includes things like clean house, finish laundry, and pick up that one last gift.

Speaking of one last thing to do..... I'm not sure if I'll get another post written before Christmas so just in case I don't have a chance to say this later, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!


  1. Totally feel you on the bills and money thing. We are swimming in medical bills. NICU isn't cheap. But that doesn't ruin the holidays. Not a chance. :) The good stuff doesn't come in a hrt-shapd nklc box.

  2. Make cookies, sing christmas carols, look at christmas lights, watch christmas movies, and give pretend gifts. Yes, pretend gifts: if you had all the resources in the world, what would you give your husband? World peace? A private tour of the Louvre? Dinner with a celebrity? An amazing car? It could be fun to think of and offer up the ultimate christmas present that no one could actually afford, so you don't have to think, "Wow, I wish I could afford that!" because most people can't afford something like that. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I hope it is wonderful in every way!

  3. Oh : ( This made me sort of sad. I hope you made a list anyway. Maybe you can make a list and save it for next year : ) And most of all, I hope a miracle did happen and you got a surprise! Merry Christmas Angie.

  4. Theresa- What a great idea, thanks!

    I didn't make a list but I got some amazing things. Check out a future post to read all about it! :)