May 3, 2011

Hoppy Easter...

Better late than never, I always say (not really, but I'm in desperate need of an excuse for just now posting pictures from Easter).

For the second year in a row I hosted an Easter meal and for the second year in a row I made the mistake of cleaning, doing laundry, and cooking the meal all on the Saturday before Easter. I went to bed around Midnight completely exhausted, and I have no one to blame for that but myself.

Rachel didn't quite get the idea of hunting for Easter eggs. We assured her that it will all make sense next year...after all there's also a bunny involved, how could it NOT make sense?

The table. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the food. I'll tell you this, it was mighty tasty if I do say so myself.

Our very own little Easter bunny. She looks harmless but try sitting through an entire Easter service with this little ball of energy.

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