May 4, 2011

Write this down...

I have been exercising my tail off (almost literally) and this morning I discovered that...

I hit my first goal!! FINALLY! It has taken me almost 16 months (3 of which don't count because I couldn't exercise for the first 12 weeks after my c-section, correction, I should NOT have tried to exercise that early), but I have finally lost 50 pounds, most of which is baby weight. Can you believe it?!

If you have ever worn a pair of pants that leaves painful red marks around your mid-section than I KNOW you can appreciate this news.... my "almost skinny" jeans not only zip but they're even... gasp... comfortable.

So, what's next?

Keep. It. Off.


Keep going.

After all, I have 30 more pounds to go.

And P.S.- I really wanted this post to be fun and witty but the thing is... I've been getting up so early and working-out so much that I'm just flat out exhausted and can't possibly bring my A-game today.

Maybe tomorrow...

That is, if I can lift my arms to type. Who knew early 90s work-out videos could be so ridiculously painful?!


  1. Oh Angie I am so proud of you!!! That is just amazing! I'm going to be right there with you in about 3 months. I can't believe how I've packed on the pounds in the last four weeks. I'm not ready to say just yet. I'm still in denial!!

    I'll call you sometime soon. I promise. I'm sorry I'm such a bad friend that I can't even find time to call!