May 23, 2011

I hear voices...

While getting ready for work this morning I couldn't help but feel a bit over-privileged. Our home was built not long after the Civil War but you should see the view we have...from our bathroom.

This morning's view made my mind wander... and then I started hearing voices. But, no worries, they were the good kind. You know, the voices of those from my past and present who have shaped and inspired me.

I wonder if these people know just how much influence they still have over me...

My Aunt Edna- I wish I could remember the little rhythm that we used to repeat together. Every time I pull Rachel around in her wagon I start it..."Ice cream soda...something something something... tell me the name of your honey bunch!" Edna and I have shared a lot special moments together and I love it that she still influences me.

My Previous Co-Worker, Connie- I hear her laugh all of the time. She truly loves life and family and friends, and all of that can be heard in her laugh. When I remember her laugh I am reminded that life isn't about deadlines and corporate ladders- it's about laughter.

My High School Spanish Teacher- Dean was as white as they come but his heart was wrapped in the Spanish culture, which was projected in his voice. He loved teaching and sharing about his adventures. Every time I let a Spanish word slip out (sometimes you just need to use another language to get your message across) I hear his excitement and enthusiasm. If I can be half the mentor he was I will consider myself to be a success.

My Best Friend Melissa- You will never forget the voice of your college roommate...especially one like Melissa. Whenever I laugh, I hear her. Whenever I groan in dismay or frustration, I hear her. Whenever I give or receive advice, I hear her.

My Preacher, Mick- Anyone who knows Mick knows that his voice is unforgettable. But, it's not just his voice that I often hear but his emotions....honesty, frustration, joy, empathy, fear, and enthusiasm. God speaks through our leaders and because of Mick I know that God has a lot to say.

Oddly enough, I'm also hearing another voice at the moment....

It's my boss....

And I believe he's telling me to get to work.


  1. Stopping by from SITS. Thank you for commenting on my blog today. I enjoyed your post.

  2. That was so well written! You have an incredible way with words. I especially loved how you ended it. Great job.

    visiting from SITS