May 18, 2011

With age comes...

I went to the doctor this morning for what was supposed to be a simple checkup. I left with a page listing all of my ailments (so I wouldn't forget anything), a booklet telling me how to treat each one of them, and so many prescriptions that the pharmacy has informed me they won't have my order ready for pick-up until Friday morning. Really?!

When did this happen? When did I get this old?

1. My boss and I were joking yesterday about a scene from "Wayne's World". We thought we were pretty funny until we realized that the students who were around us had NO IDEA what or who we were talking about.

2. If I sit for too long in the same position my legs cry out in pain when I try to move them.

3. To "sleep in" is to get up around 6:10

4. I attended a Ladies Supper the other night at church and was, by far, NOT the youngest one there (that was a real shocker for me).

5. Working at the same job for 25 years no longer sounds daunting.... I already have over 10 years in.

Oh well. It could be worse....

At least I have a few years left before this happens...


  1. I liked number 5 Angie. Thank you so much for coming by and following on my SITS day. It has been very special for me to meet you.

    Lisa @ Lesapea xx

  2. So sorry you are not following, but I appreciate the support none the less. Take care.


  3. Oh my goodness! Sounds like me. I've been at my job for 20 years and I'[m still the new kid! Thanks for popping by my blog on my SITS day.