May 26, 2011

Please don't...

It's time for another post inspired by Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.
And because I love making lists...

My Top 10 Summer Don'ts

Please don't...

1. Ask me to work past 5:00 or on a weekend before mid-August

2. Be surprised if I refuse to wear shorts in public. Have you seen my legs?

3. Wonder why I refuse to wear shorts (see #2), but am okay with sporting a swim suit (I don't have to make sense all of the time)

4. Expect me to give up ice cream even if I'm technically "on a diet"

5. Destroy my dreams. I have the right to envision myself sipping a glass of iced tea under a shade tree with my feet dangling in Rachel's pool while she quietly (ha ha) splashes around

6. Remind me that next Fall my husband will be even busier than he was last year and I probably won't see him very much. Just let me bask in the glory of his presence now.

7. Tell me that I can't wear white before Memorial Day. I'm not sure my generation really cares about that anymore. And besides, Stacy and Clinton don't follow that rule.

8. Make me feel guilty for taking time on the weekends to do fun things like going for a hike or playing at the beach even though my house is a wreck, my flower beds are weedy, and loads of (clean) laundry are piling up around the dryer.

9. Let me forget to put sunscreen on Rachel. Wow...I can totally see me doing that.

10. Remind me that Winter is just a few months away.


  1. You go ahead and do something fun on the weekends. Forget the laundry!! It'll get done eventually. There's no point in ruining a perfectly good weekend!

  2. I am so glad to know I'm not the only one swimming in piles of clean laundry! Putting things away is overrated. On our recent vacation to the caribbean, my four year old asked what a sunburn feels like. I knew then I had done a good job with the sunscreen!

  3. Love the TOP 10! Sometimes we just want to do what we want to do. Summer seems like permission in itself to do it! Love your list! Visiting from Mamakat's -Laveren

  4. It's Laverne again.... Read your bio. I am certain that you have heard this before, but as a fellow working mom I know exactly how you feel and you are not alone! It is tough! And yes we have to work that much harder to pay attention to the details. Blogging is wonderful isn't it! kindredadventur on twitter ;) -Laverne

  5. Great list! Stacey and Clinton always make me feel bad about myself. I'm so not in style.