September 7, 2010

Mom zombie...

Jake loves zombie movies and I have to admit that ever since I met him I too have developed an odd taste for them. The overly dramatic gore and ridiculous scripts make me laugh every time, regardless of whether or not they are supposed to be funny. It occurred to me this morning that perhaps the real reason why I’m beginning to like them is because they remind me so much of… well…me.

Zombies and new(ish) mothers actually have a lot in common. We’re both dead tired and would do anything for a quick meal. Plus, we walk around in a daze and find ourselves in strange locations without being able explain how we got there. In fact, really the only difference between a zombie and myself is that zombies chase people to kill or maim them but I chase R to prevent her from being killed or maimed. And man can that kid move.

Some of my loyal readers (thanks guys) may remember that about a month ago I wrote about being sick. Guess what…I’m still sick and now I’m also losing my voice. I am convinced that if I could just sleep for a few extra hours, eat a decent meal and get in a good heart healthy dose of exercise I would feel much better. I know better though. I know that’s not going to happen. So, instead I will stick my arms out, moan like an old lady and hope no one runs in fear when they see me coming.

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  1. totally crack me up! I can see it too. That's the scary part.

    I'd run in fear! :D LOVE YOU!