September 21, 2010

Lord please bless this shopping list...

Often times when I start making lists in my head a song from my childhood comes to mind.

Lord please bless my shopping list…

Lord, I need to talk to you there’s so much on my mind. So many burdens (something something) it’s (something something something).

Okay, so maybe I can’t remember the entire song but the point is that we often ask God for so much that we don’t realize how crazy we sound. If I was asking God to bless my shopping list this is probably how it would go…


Thank you for all of my friends and family and my job and my home and my safety and my general satisfaction with life. It’s really nice that you have given me all of that stuff but here’s what I also want:

I would like to have more time with Rachel in the evenings and more time to get things done after we put her to bed. I don’t want to go to bed any later than 10:30 so please try to work within the parameters of a regular 24-hour day and bless me with more time.

And by the way, we didn’t get to take a vacation this year. That’s not fair and I would like to insist that next summer we go on a really great vacation to make up for the one we missed this year. And no, a two-day trip to the in-laws does not count as a vacation.

Lastly, here are a few things I need: new car, TV for our bedroom, telescope for Jake, clothes for Rachel to wear next spring/summer, a wooden swing set, a week where we don’t have to buy groceries or spend any money at all, and a size 10 pair of jeans that my thighs fit into.



  1. This is perfect. could come to our side of the states for your next years vacation! :o) You would have a place to sleep...Rolando would insist you stay at our place! (he's so great like that) and wouldn't have to spend any money other than plane tickets and what you "MUST-SEE" about Portland. BUT, in the summer there are a LOT of fun things to do for free (or price of gas to get there!). Seriously consider it! I'm not joking.

  2. Hey lady: Come to Virginia for your next Vacation! You can get in some American History, wine tastings, great BBQ (along with great food period), hiking trails, the ocean, Washington DC (& everything included in that), Colonial Williamsburg, just to name a few! So plan your great vacation with your favorite cousin named Veronica! (PS this is a standing invitation forever)!