September 24, 2010

Ode to single parents...

I love Fridays, who doesn’t? I love them mostly because Friday evenings are literally the only family time we have this semester. The rest of the week I don’t see my husband and the only time he sees poor little R is when we’re dropping her off at daycare. In fact, this morning I confessed to my husband that I’m so used to not having him around that when he is home I almost can’t handle having him in my space. I’m not sure how he felt about that.

Though this past month has been difficult I can honestly say that it has been a good learning experience for me and a real eye opener. I have learned to manage my time better and have given up on my quest to become the bestest mom EVER. I have also developed a new appreciation for single parents…how in the world do they do it?!

My ode to single parents…

My hat goes off to you, those who do it all;
You take care of your children, and catch them when they fall.

Your role is that of mom and dad and also money maker;
You work hard every day and still are not a taker.

You give and give and give some more, and do it all alone;
I believe that God is storing for you extra jewels and a throne.

And through it all you have managed to raise your daughter and your son,
To be the best children ever because you are NUMBER ONE!

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