September 17, 2010

Higher education...

I may have a college education but my daughter provides more learning opportunities than any high ranking institution every will. Just this week she taught me that:

1. A little bit of snot never slows a child down…
2. Neither does a lot of snot.
3. The best way to check for new teeth is to turn the child upside down and make her laugh.
4. A child, who previously was not a “naked baby”, can easily turn into one and be completely happy wearing nothing but a smile and a determination to make it to the toys on the other side of the room.
5. God gives us beautiful evenings so we can take LONG walks.
6. It is really tough not to cry the first time you see the “pouty face”.
7. Pants are optional…
8. but only for babies.
9. Sweet potatoes and apple sauce are almost impossible to remove from hair.
10. All a baby really needs is a mirror and a smile….

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