April 21, 2011

Advice to college students...

Thursday already? I can't believe how fast this week has gone. Crazy.

Anyway, today for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop I have chosen to give students a few words of advice. And when I say students I am referring to those darling college-aged kids that I get to surround myself with all...day...long.

I know I'm uncool. I just heard that horrible song "Friday" for the first time last night, touching the screen of my phone will only create annoying finger prints, I don't refer to music from the 90s as "retro", and I never cross the street unless the light says I can. However, if you put all of that aside, I believe my advice can still be very helpful for folks your age.

1. In an institution where faculty are required to teach in order to make tenure, if you happen to run across a full professor who is still teaching consider that to be your lucky day. Chances are they're teaching not as a requirement but because they are truly passionate about education and learning and YOU. Please listen to them. Ask them for help when you need it. And, by all means, follow their instructions. They know what they're talking about.

2. It might be okay to send messages to your friends in "text lingo" but this type of writing is completely unacceptable on papers, emails to professors and administrators, and applications. Learn how to speak and write properly.

3. Do yourself a favor and get a part-time job. But, not at a bar.

4. Texting might be faster but email will never go away. Try telling your future boss that you didn't get their message because you prefer not to use email but you'll respond to a text. Folks, check your email. In fact, I urge you to even read and respond to your emails. I know this might be a novel idea but I'm sure after a bit of practice you'll be emailing just like a pro (again).

5. Listening to rap music blasting for three hours is not the way most of us envision spending our afternoons. Please kindly remember that you're on a campus that employees several thousand people, and most of us are trying to work and find it difficult to concentrate when Snoop is discussing the finer points of rollin'.

6. Bars are closed to people under 21 after 10:00 pm for a reason. Actually, there are several reasons, most of which are pretty obvious. So, I'll spare you the details but at least tell you this, we want you to be safe and healthy. We don't need to be ranked among the top party schools (according to Playboy Magazine) anymore. This is why the laws have changed, not because we hate you (although sometimes we do find you a bit annoying but that's whole other discussion).

7. Buses don't stop for pretty girls. You will get hit if you try to walk in front of one.

8. When you come to college please plan on studying more than you did in high school. Everyone hears this but it's odd that such a large number of students don't actually believe it until they get here. We're not just blowing smoke up your stack when we tell you that each credit hour requires at least 2 hours of work outside of class. Trust me on this one.

9. Ladies, just because you come from a large city that offers a full array of shopping choices this does not mean that everything you own is acceptable attire in a classroom. You're not doing anyone any favors by attending class wearing nothing but a short skirt and a handkerchief tied around your torso. Save that little gem outfit for the bars (but before 10:00, of course).

10. And finally, take this golden opportunity to learn all that you can, whenever you can, from whomever you can. College truly is one of the most exciting times in life but it is limited so use your time wisely.


  1. I could not have said any of that better! Oh, wait... does that make me old now too?

  2. Julie I hate to break it to you but yes, you are now once of us. :) Welcome!

  3. I have one daughter in college and I think this is a GREAT list to share! You nailed it! I'm visiting from SITS...have a good one! I am now a follower!

  4. Great post!! I especially like the "buses won't stop for pretty girls!" Hahaha, it made me laugh out loud!

  5. Fair enough, Angie. Just remember when we first met I was one of those college kids, but this list did not fit me at all. Maybe that's the farm girl in me.

    Also, can I add that dancing not so conservatively on the dance floor at a bar WILL get a ton of creepy guys to stare at you, but will NOT find you a husband.

  6. I work full-time on a university campus and this is so dead on. Perhaps, in the whole appropriate attire for class, it can also be mentioned that you should actually get out of your pajamas if you would like to be taken seriously and considered an adult.

  7. I'm a college student right now and the other day in the lab this kid was blasting rap music through his headphones. It was soooo loud I wanted to slap him upside the head and tell him to turn it down. And some of the outfits I've seen...terrible.

  8. Some very good common sense there!