April 14, 2011

All grown up...

Today's Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop wants me to write about the moment I realized I was a grown up. The problem is, I've felt myself slipping into adulthood since I was 20. I fought growing up but unfortunately I can't fight growing old. As we get older we become more mature (That's how it works, right?). I did a lot of growing up in my twenties and that's when I started to realize that it was happening....I was growing up and growing older.

Me at age 22: “Honey, do you mind if we stop at this store [at the mall]?”
Future husband at age 21: “Aren’t you too old to shop here?”
And note, he was completely serious.

Me at age 23: “You know, I think I would rather just stay home tonight. I hate going downtown on weekends. I feel so old when I go there.”
Friend at age 24: “No kidding, I think we would be the oldest people down there. Let’s rent a movie instead.”

Me at age 24: “Do you want to see my ID?”
Waitress at what I presume was about age 19: “No.”

Me at age 25: “Alright, my car insurance premiums just went down!”
Really? Is it THAT exciting? Yes, yes it is.

Me at age 26: “Wait, what?! What do you mean there’s a generation Y AND a Z too?! And they’re in this classroom?”
Professor: Yes, and I believe you’re part of generation X, correct?

Me at age 27: “Why do people feel the need to drive so fast? What’s wrong with them….look, just look at that…you know, that’s why gas is so expensive, because people drive like maniacs.”
Husband at age 26: “No kidding”

Me at age 28: “We probably shouldn’t have bought that TV. It really was a very irresponsible purchase. You know, 10 years ago I wouldn’t have had buyer’s remorse for spending too much money on a TV.”
Nephew at age 8: “But it’s so awesome!”

Me at age 29: “I’m too old to be pregnant.”
Husband at age 28: “Honey, you’re too old to be a lot of things.”

Me at age 30: “Everything hurts.”
Body: Yep. That’s because you’re old.


  1. Great post. I recognize a lot of those statements.

  2. At 35 years old I soothe the aches and pains with reassurances that they've got to feel better than 55...

  3. Love it! thanks for the giggle. I have these type of out of body experiences observing myself and my ridiculous thoughts too. and yes, at 33 I am grown up too. Boo Hoo

  4. ugh...you sound like me. Now i feel old! : )

  5. I would have smacked my husband for the comment at age 29/28. Just sayin...

  6. This was a hysterical post. I'm amazed your boyfriend became your hubby after some of those statements (smile). Visiting from SITS and glad I did!

  7. Oh my goodness! I am SO there at the age 27, lets slow down and drive 15 miles an hour here quote. I am just so worried about a little kid running out into the street when I am in the neighborhood!
    Love the post ;)