April 22, 2011

Weigh-in 3b...

One of the hot topics in my office right now is "outcomes assessment," which basically means that we're looking at how well students learn and how we can change teaching methods to help them to learn better. Often associated with this discussion is the issue of getting students to become more engaged in the learning process. These topics are all very relevant and good but a positive outcome depends very heavily on one thing...that students will do their homework. What they get out of the class is directly related to the amount of effort they put in to it.

It's funny that I talk about this stuff all day long and yet I can't seem to apply it to myself. I mean, duh, do your homework, talk to the teacher if you have questions, read the assigned text, and you'll get a decent grade- that all makes perfectly obvious sense.

I'm not surprised by my weigh-in this week. After all, I didn't stick to my diet, I had some half-hearted workouts, and I broke just about all of my rules. So, that I lost nothing, nada, no weight at all was pretty much expected. What did shock me was that I didn't gain several pounds. So, I guess that's a plus.

So as it stands, I'm still 2 pounds away from my first big goal and I'm pretty sure that my two-week reign as leader of the Fat Olympics II is going to come to an end...for now. I had a very stern conversation with my flabby inner thighs this morning and I think we're all on board for next week. Watch out because next week will be different...it HAS to be. My favorite pair of dress pants finally died (one too many holes that just couldn't be fixed again) and their replacements won't fit right until I shed some more pounds.


  1. If I didn't think it would be really, really creepy, I'd ask you to have the same talk to my inner-thighs. However, that is pretty creepy and there is that whole long distance thing. Good luck next week!

  2. Sometimes I thank God for long distances.
    Just kidding. Tell your thighs "hello" from the ladies up north. :)