August 23, 2010

The countdown begins...

I can not believe summer is almost over and another school year has already started. The last time a semester (spring semester) had just begun we had a five-day-old baby and were living in a condo in town. By the time the school year was over we had moved to a house in the country, planted our garden and I had returned to work. And now here we are, our daughter is already able stand for long periods of time (while holding onto furniture), my garden is tilled and ready for winter hibernation and Jake is starting his junior year for a second time. huh?

Yep, that’s right. Jake is starting on his second junior year. The last time he made it to this point in his “professional student” career his conscience caught up with him and he realized that he could not continue studying accounting so he switched his major to physics and astronomy. And if you’re wondering, hardly any classes transferred from one degree to the other.

The only good thing about the start of another school year is that we’re making progress and Jake is just a little bit closer to being done with school. I know a lot of mothers love it when school starts but I’m not one of them. I hate it when classes start, no matter what time of year it is, because that means for the next 16 weeks I won’t see my husband and Rachel will be raised by one frazzled parent, except on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons. Those days are sacred to us because Jake works really hard to keep those designated days as “family only” time, which I really appreciate.

December 17 and the close of finals week can not come fast enough this year. In the mean time, I will continue blogging to keep my thoughts organized, Jake will keep on keeping on and Rachel, at the rate she’s growing, will probably get her driver’s license.

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