August 24, 2010

A kodak moment...

My first Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop Entry…

Our house has an enclosed front porch that would be used a lot more if it wasn’t always collecting junk. It has been turned into that space; you know the one….the place where you store stuff when you have no idea where else to put it or are too lazy to discard of it properly. Every time we clean it off it immediately starts filling up again, almost like it can only survive in a state of perpetual crappiness.

In July Jake painted the porch and for two whole days it was beautiful. Then, mom showed up. She had cleaned out the closets in my old room and since I didn’t have a place to store boxes of high school jeans and childhood toys they were quickly moved out to the porch. I finally sorted through them last weekend and was a little surprised at some of the things I found.

When I was 13 I spent the summer traveling with a musical ministry team called King’s Kids. That was quite an experience and I can’t believe how much it changed me. Last weekend I found all of my King’s Kids stuff and was reminded that I have almost no pictures from that life altering trip. Back in those days (how old do I sound?) you had to actually put film into a camera if you wanted to take pictures and my camera was particularly difficult to load. One night, at the very beginning of the trip, I was standing on a dock wrestling with my camera when a boy pulled me into the lake, camera and all (see, boys are nothing but trouble at that age). I tried to dry it out and hoped that it could be salvaged. It couldn't.

I may not have any pictures from that trip but I remember it like it was yesterday. Sorting through those old memories reminded me that if I continue to stand on the dock while everyone else is enjoying the water I can only hope that someone loves me enough to pull me in.


  1. Annette Martin remembers you. She works with me at the Credit Union & said that her & her husband were leaders for that group! How funny - Small world!

  2. I feel like that... Often I wish that I had taken more pictures when I was younger. I have great memories of those times but would love to have them captured forever in photographs.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's!

  3. I like that the camera couldn't be saved. Not every story has a perfect ending. And clearly the memories you have are more vivid than any picture could possible be. Great job! This was my first time participating too!

  4. What a great story... I too wish I had more photos to share.