August 11, 2010

Mommy, i’m sick…

In my expert opinion (expert only because I say so) children are the most vile creatures known to man. They are little germy tornadoes who destroy everything in their path and leave nothing but sickness behind. Okay, so maybe they’re not that bad but I think we can all agree that they spread contamination faster than the destruction of a hell-bound snowball. I only say this because I believe that’s how Jake got sick, from teaching 3rd graders at last week’s science camp. He then passed the snot onto our baby girl, and while taking care of her and daddy, mommy got sick.

It’s August, not January. Why in the name of all things decent do I have an awful cold? I can’t think straight, my house is a wreck because I haven’t had the energy to do anything for two days, my entire body aches and I could easily be mistaken for Rudolph with the schnauze I’m sporting (p.s. I won’t buy cheap kleenexes ever again).

Why is it that when any other family member is sick (including the two felines) everything stops? Plans are rearranged, the living room fills with tissues and the house is put on lock-down. But, when mommy is sick life continues virtually as usual for everyone else, except that piles of laundry begin accumulating, dishes go unwashed and random junk starts appearing on the dining room table.

Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, or at least not giving credit where it’s due. Jake has done a wonderful job trying to keep things together. I just wish…..sigh…..I wish I wasn’t sick anymore. I guess I should get used to this, or at least hope I build up my immune system before Rachel starts kindergarten.

Complaining about being sick might not make it possible to breathe through my nose again but it does make me feel better, at least a little bit anyway.

P.S. For those of you who like to see pictures on blogs you have come to the wrong place. I write this blog over my lunch hour. To post pictures requires that I actually:
1. Remember to bring my camera to work.
2. Remember that I brought my camera to work.
3. Remember to leave enough time after I’m done walking and heating up my lunch to sort through pictures on my camera.
4. Take the time to wait for my computer to upload everything.

That’s too much work folks. Sorry.

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