August 17, 2010

It’s a mad mad mad mad world…

When I first began my college studies I was majoring in communications and hoped to go into public relations. I enjoyed my classes but one day it occurred to me that I really hate people. It’s not that I don’t like being around others or enjoy talking to them, but I can’t stand having to put up with the ridiculous actions of immature adults. So, I changed my major to accounting because I like working with numbers (they don’t say anything unintelligent) and the thought of turning into an office hermit was quite appealing.

Accounting seemed like a great idea until I realized that it is extremely boring. I eventually settled on management, which I think will probably work out okay if I ever get a chance to actually use my degree. Today is most certainly one of those days that I wish I had gone into accounting. I should be holed up in an office somewhere calculating numbers and smirking as I watch them turn red. Today I don’t like people.

Sometimes I look at my coworkers and wonder how they were able to figure out that pants go on the bottom. They might be brilliant thinkers but somewhere along the line common sense and decency eluded them, like the old children’s joke that declares, “When God handed out brains you thought he said trains so you didn’t take one.” I could never handle working in a daycare, but at least there you can point out poor behavior and punish it accordingly.

I don’t always make the best decisions and sometimes I make mistakes (gasp) but I hope to God that my actions never ever resemble that of a three-year-old child unless, of course, I’m playing with my daughter.

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