August 6, 2010

What I learned from summer camp…

Every day I look at my daughter and think, wow there are so many ways I could screw this up. Sometimes I wish that she would just stay a bouncing baby girl forever so I won't have the opportunity to accidentally shatter her dreams or forget to teach her the fundamentals of life. But then reality hits and I know that it’s only a matter of time before I get to attend dance recitals, t-ball games and back-to-school ice cream socials.

I remember this feeling; it was the same one I experienced every year while packing for summer camp. For the most part I knew what was coming but the anticipation of encountering so many unknowns was just about too much for me to handle. I learned a lot of valuable lessons while packing for camp and I think several of them still apply today.

1. Don’t let yourself be overcome with fear of the unknown.
2. Always plan for the unexpected.
3. Nothing compares to the comfort you get from your teddy bear (he has been with me through every hospital stay I’ve had since I was 15, including Labor/Delivery and the Mother/Baby units).
4. Always know where your address book is.
5. Don’t forget your sunscreen.
6. Buy nice bedding; it just makes you feel good.
7. Pack your Bible.
8. Remind yourself that even if a boy doesn’t ask you to be his date at the banquet you will still have fun (possibly more) with your girlfriends.
9. Kids will like you.
10. Too much fear, mixed with excitement, will make you sick. If this happens do not attend a family pizza party followed by a ride home in the backseat of a packed two-door car while driving on back roads. There is a good chance your previously consumed pizza will end up on your Uncle Dave’s bald head.

Ohhhh summer camp….


  1. I LOVE your # 10 comment! That experience will always live in our memories!