August 30, 2010

Mom, i'm a mom...

A few days after Rachel was born Jake looked at himself and then at me and asked, "Does it mean that I truly am a father now? I have baby poop on my shirt and didn't even notice." Poor guy.

What an interesting thought though; at what point do you realize that you’re a parent?

1. When you see a little plus sign and immediately feel queasy from the joy (but mostly fear)?
2. When you start shopping for great deals on baby stuff instead of booking next year’s vacation?
3. When you clean out your office to make room for a crib?
4. When you buy an extra Christmas stocking to use next year?
5. When you’re thrilled to experience labor pains, needles and hospital food?
6. When you find yourself driving at a grand speed of 35 mph because you're carrying precious cargo?
7. When “date night” actually means grocery shopping?
8. When you realize that previously disgusting things like green poop and umbilical cord stumps are really quite exciting?
9. When you actually try to stifle obscenities from leaving your mouth after stepping on a toy that was carelessly tossed in the middle of your living room floor?
10. When you can’t wait to see a little toothless grin at the end of the day?


  1. I love this! :o) Makes me sooo excited!

  2. I've bought the extra Christmas stocking! But my youngest is 4, and I'm sad to say we're done. Happy WMW