August 9, 2010

A few of my (new) favorite things...

My original post for today discussed my "control issues" and how they relate to Rachel being sick for the first time (and long story, why I feel like she's afraid of me because I thought I needed to save her life yesterday). While proofreading my original entry it dawned on me that today has been cloudy enough, and this blog is supposed to be therapeutic, not depressing. So, I deleted everything and am instead listing a few of my newest favorite things. Yes, I love to make lists (by the way).

1. Crock pot liners
2. Envelopes that are big enough to mail pictures in but not so big that they require extra postage
3. Battery operated decongester things
4. Mr. Lion, Jerry Giraffe and a small plastic butterfly
5. Advice given to me by other mothers that is actually good enough to use
6. A dining room table big enough to seat 12
7. Upright freezers
8. Fitting into my old "fat" jeans, because they're not my maternity jeans
9. Time spent with my family (even if my to-do list is waiting to be done).
10. Rain...lots of rain. What else could I possibly use as an excuse as to why my garden is so weedy?

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